A Children Home With Five Little Children

A Children Home With Five Little Children


It was Team HosannaWind’s first trip overseas and we went to Thailand. Every day we made our visit to the local spa. We spent time relaxing under the soothing magic hands of the masseuses. We tried different restaurants for the sumptuous fare. It was how we enjoyed our rest with our Heavenly Father to plan for the itinerary of each day of our trip. He never ceases to amaze us!

One day while at buffet lunch hosted by a local pastor, we felt compelled to go visit the Rainbow Covenant Children’s Home. We thought it would be nice to get something yummy for the children, so we headed down to Supermarket to buy sweets, ice-cream, juice, drinks, and the like.

It was a small establishment with five children taken care by a local Thai couple. The children were excited to receive us at their home. Their simple joy and guileless innocence was a breath of fresh air to us. We had an amazing time with the family, singing and chatting while enjoying some ice-cream together. We even joined in to sing with them “Phleng Chat”, the national anthem of Thailand. When it came time to say goodbye, we felt compelled to get them new shoes and treat them to a meal next day. There was palpable excitement in the air and guess which restaurant they all have picked?

……KFC was the children’s unanimous choice of restaurant. Not that difficult to guess, right?

The following afternoon when we got in the restaurant, they were seated all dressed up in their best, awaiting our arrival. After KFC we took them out for shopping. The boys looked at sneakers and the girls went after princess dress shoes. While getting shoes in Thailand was a real bargain to us Hongkies, for the children having the opportunity to choose their own new pairs was like a make-believe that came true. It was the first ever pair of brand new shoes for each one of them. We praise God and thank Him for His faithfulness. Glory to God!

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