The First Pair of Shoes in Her Life

The First Pair of Shoes in Her Life
The first pair of shoes in her life

It’s an evening after the launch of HosannaWind, we decided to give away the very first batch of income for the needy. It came across our mind a Cambodian sister who had given herself up to help many orphans and women in her country. It happened that she was in town that very week together with her girls, so we thought it’s a good chance for HosannaWind to bless her. When we suggested to her our thought, she didn’t ask for anything but simply wanting to a pair of shoes.

We went to a very popular sportswear store in Causeway Bay. The mom and two girls picked their shoes very quickly. But what really stirred our heart deeply was when the youngest girl took her old shoes off, we only realized she had been wearing shoes that were two sizes smaller and it ’s just too painful for her to walk! After she put on her new shoes, she said to her mother, “Mum, I finally have my own shoes...this is the happiest day in my life.”

Hosannawind is committed to contribute a part of our proceeds to the needy. Your action today is very important!

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