Little hand got healed in 5 days

Little hand got healed in 5 days


Little hand got healed in 5 days

My 4-year-old daughter Dor Dor was suffering from skin issues on her left-hand. It became so itchy that she often scratched her hand until it peeled and bled. The itchiness was worst during the early hours of the morning when she would cry out in pain and desperation. For the past two months, I tried different eczema creams, olive oil, famous skin care products but no improvement was in sight. In fact, the redness and swelling worsen. Recently a relative advised me to try Moringa Elixir, a nutritious health drink from HosannaWind. Since the ingredients are all natural, I dare to try them on my daughter. I let Dor Dor drink one sachet of Moringa Elixir (25ml) every morning before school and also apply the organic Moringa Seed Oil on her fingers. In just five days her little hand received obvious healing! I would highly recommend these products to other to try! (4 years old Dor Dor’s mother, Hong Kong)

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