The Secret of Shiny Hair

The Secret of Shiny Hair

The secret of shiny hair

Everyone wants a shiny hair, hair that smooth like silk and shine like the surface of a piano.

No matter you has normal hair, coloured hair, dry hair, or any other hair nature, the secret to lovely hair is giving hair enough nutrient to grow and maintain themselves.

Commercial home oil treatment products can only "repair" your hair, but cannot give them the nutrients they need to nourish them. The ultimate solution with scientific research support is, using Organic Moringa Seed Oil as oil treatment.

Here are the researches:


1. Rich in hair-essential nutrients

Moringa Seed Oil consists of various sterols such as campesterol, stigmasterol, clerosterol, β-sitosterol, which are important nutrients that build up hair structures. Without such nutrients, the surface of hair is easy to break, expose the inner structure of hair, which lead to hair infection (yes, hairs are living and can be infected) and hair death and fall. However these nutrients in Moringa Seed Oil helps to strengthen the structure of hair, allow them to stay strong even though they are long, they don't fall. These nourishing nutrients are very important to damaged hair and coloured hair to repair.


2. Anti-fungal effect

This study has found that Moringa Oil has a strong anti-fungal effect. As mentioned previously, hair falls due to surface breakage and infection, hair infections are mostly fungal infections. Fungal infected hair starts to wither and once the hair follicle which hold that hair notice the hair wither, it releases the hair and result in hair fall. To prevent hair fall, on top of strengthening and repairing hair, prevent them from infection is also very improtant. The study had confirmed that Moringa Oil is effective in inhibiting fungus that grow on human skin, hand, leg and hair.


3. Fight dandruff, scalp and slipt end

Moringa Seed Oil is found to have good moisturizing effect. Per its moisturizing effect, it keeps skin and hair well moistured, directly reduce dry-hair problems like scalp and dandruff. Per its healing and repairing properties, it also prevent hair to get slipt end.


How to Use?

After washing hair with warm water, absorb water from hair with dry towel under no dripping water. For shoulder-length hair, put 10-20 drops of Organic Moringa Oil in hands, rub and apply on hair, from root to tip. Adjust oil amount according hair length and density. Cover and wrapp hair with the same towel for 5-10min. Dry hair with another dry towel and allow hair to dry naturally, do not dry with hair dryer.



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