Your Best Friend to Fight Rashes and Eczema

Your Best Friend to Fight Rashes and Eczema

Your best friend to fight rashes and eczema

Rashes are itchy and annoying, they even harm your outlook and quality social life. No matter eczema, heat rashes, diaper rashes, even keto rashes, there is a way out! 

Moringa is a super plant found in the region of India and Egypt, its leaves and seeds have proven by many researches to have strong healing power for skin and bone problem.

Moringa seed oil is the oil extracted from Moringa Seeds, which has long history of effectiveness on various dermatitis (skin inflammations), such as eczema, heat rashes, dry skins, irritative dermatitis, insect bites, and other kind of rashes.

Researches that proven Moringa seed oil's effectiveness on skin problems*: 


1. Highly moisturising and skin disorder treatments

A study indicated the antioxidation and antimicrobial effect of Moringa seed oil. At the same time, it pointed out from many Egyptian historic documents that, ancient Egyptian uses Moringa seed oil to treat skin disorder, rashes, dryness, and also used as massage oil.


2. Promote skin health

Omega-9 fatty acid and essential vitamins and minerals can be found in Moringa Seed. Moringa seed oil has an excellent ability to penetrate in the skin layers.  Moringa seed oil nourishes skin layers by escalating the production of collagen-an essential structural protein for maintaining juvenile and supple skin. Collagen decreases as you age. Moringa seed oil, with its rich quantity of vitamin-A and C, enables you to keep your skin look radiant, younger, and firm. Adding two or three drops of Moringa seed oil in your moisturizer is a great way to decrease the wrinkles and fine lines on your ageing skin.


3. Anti-fungal effect

This study has found that Moringa Oil has a strong anti-fungal effect. Fungal infected hair follicles on skin develops dermatitis, resulting in rashes, itchiness and some unfortunate people may develops pappillomagenesis (a kind of skin cancer). To relief itchiness and rashes, eliminating fungus on skin is very important. The study had confirmed that Moringa Oil is effective in inhibiting fungus that grow on human skin, hand, leg and hair.

4. Anti-inflammation and skin cancer prevention
A research on mammals has proven the effectiveness of Moringa seed oil on treating skin inflammation and inhibiting the activities of various carcinogens. This can be translated that Moringa seed oil has a very high potential in reducing skin inflammation on human skin and preventing skin cancer.

More informtion of Organic cold-pressed Moringa Seed Oil


If you have eczema, apply Moringa seed oil 4 times a day. Place 1-2 drops directly to the affected areas and gently massage the area. Keep using for at least 2 weeks or until problems fully disappear.

If you have rashes like heat rashes and keto rashes, apply Moringa seed oil 3 times a day. Place 1-2 drops in hand, rub to warm and gently apply a thin layer to affected areas.

For dry skin, "housewife hands" and other mild dermatitis, apply Moringa seed oil 2 times a day. Place 1-2 drops in hand, rub to warm and gently apply a thin layer to affected areas. 





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