Anti-Inflammatory Skin Saver!

Anti-Inflammatory Skin Saver!

moringa anti-inflammation




Ms. Chu, Hong Kong

It's a weekday morning. I was feeling overwhelmed with the burden to take care of multiple things before the summer holiday with my family. I only had a few days to prepare before departure and time was tight. But deep inside I felt a prompting telling me to see my 82-year old mum who is living in an outlying island in Hong Kong. Struggling inside I was debating to myself if I should get more of my work done or go visit my mum. An inner voice told me if I delayed my visit, I would regret it. So I went. I found out upon arrival that my mum's back were severely burnt as a result of some unconventional Chinese medical treatment. My mum is a diabetic patient, which basically means wounds are more difficult to get healed and if not properly taken care of, they could lead to serious complications! It dawned on me after a short prayer why I had to visit my mum with such urgency. After cleansing the wounds, I was led to apply on her some Moringa seed oil, as I recall it is laden with anti-inflammatory nutrients that are especially good for wounds. In a short few hours, my mum felt much better with less itchiness. Next day my sister sent me a photo of her and I saw the wound already starting to close up, which was much much faster than what I had expected. I felt so relieved. Few days later the wounds were completely healed I thank God for prompting me to visit my mum and giving me the opportunity to witness firsthand how Moringa seed oil can heal wounds and help save my mum fromserious health issue.


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