No More Pimples, No More Scars!

No More Pimples, No More Scars!


No more pimples, no more scars!

Last month, I used a newly purchased facemask for deep cleansing my skin. However the next morning I woke up with 19 blind pimples on my forehead. . I was also worried, as I often scar on my face when I have a bad pimple- now I had 19! Somehow I was given a bottle of HosannaWind Moringa Seed Oil sample from a friend in Cape Town. I applied it twice a day on my forehead. I could see the difference within the first 24 hours, and by the 5th day, my skin was restored back to normal. I have no scars or marks on my face. I am so grateful that I was introduced to this incredible product! Now whenever I get a pimple, I apply the moringa oil onto my face and it helps it heal quickly. THANK YOU! (a youth, Cape Town, Jan 2018)

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