Japanese Classic Cheesecake

Japanese Classic Cheesecake


Health In Your Hand S2EP6
<Sweet No Guilt 6> - Japanese Classic Cheesecake
Zero sugar Classic Slow-cook cheesecake (Rice cooker version)

Miss the Japanese classic spoonge cheesecake? You can do it with 3 simple ingredients!

All you need is a rice cooker or a slow cooker and 10min to prepare!

Ingredients and preparations [4 serving]
[A] Creamcheese (250g) at room teamperature (cut into pieces)

[B] Pure Stevia powder (10g)

[C] Large organic egg (1)

Steps [10min prepare, 120min slow cook]

Dissolve B into 10ml of warm water, stir until completely dissolve (or stir in warm water bath)

Dissolve Stevia

Dissolve Stevia
Beat room temperature creamcheese into paste

room temperature creamcheese
room temperature creamcheese
Add dissolved Stevia into creamcheese and mix thoroughly.
Add egg and mix thoroughly.

cheese paste in inner pot of rice cooker

Transfer all things into rice cooker inner pot, slightly tap the pot to make the cheese paste surface plain.
cheese paste in inner pot of rice cooker

slow cook mode of rice cooker

Set to slow cook mode and 120min.
slow cook mode of rice cooker

Put inner pot into rice cooker, hit start, have a tea and rest.

When done, take out the inner pot from rice cooker and let it rest in room temperature for 15min (very important, this step is to allow the cheese cake to settle down!)

After cooling, cover the inner pot with a plate or wooden board, count 1, 2, 3 and invert the inner pot with the plate rapidly.

Put the cheesecake into fridge for at least 30min, serve with Moringa Leaf Powder or Moringa Tea.



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