Humble Orange Cake

Humble Orange Cake

HHealth In Your Hand S2EP5
<Sweet No Guilt 5> - Humble Orange Cake
Zero sugar Poppy seed coconut orange cake

This easy, humble and healthy cake taste really good!

Easter is to remember Jesus had humble himself to die for our sin.

Poppy seeds represent remembrance, orange peel give the taste of bitterness, white shredded coconuts give a sense of purity.

Ingredients and preparations [5 serving]
[A] Amond Flour (1.2cup / 155g) sifted, Himalaya Rock Salt (1/8 tsp), Shredded coconut (2 Tbsp), Poppy Seed (1 Tbsp), Baking Soda (1 tsp)

[B] Coconut oil (65ml / 60g) melted, Pure stevia powder (6g), Organic Egg (1), Orange or Tangerine essential oil (3 drops), Water (2 Tbsp)

[C] Orange Zest, include a bit of white (1 orange)

Steps [10min prepare, 35min bake]

Preheat oven to 325°F / 160°C.
Mix A together.

Mix all dry ingredients

Mix all dry ingredients
In a separate bowl, mix B together one by one according to ingredient list order.
Add A into B one spoon at a time, and mix thoroughly, add half of C and mix. The finished mixing dough is quite firm.

Firm dough

Firm dough

Spoon into baking pan and press firmly.

Press firm into pan

Press firm into pan Bake for 35min. cake in the oven Wait till cool down.

cake in the oven

Can serve immediately with whipped cream or homemade ice-cream, and top with the remaining Orange zest and a little bit of Moringa Leaf Powder. 


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