God's fruit from Amazon

God's fruit from Amazon

God's fruit from Amazon

It is grown in Amazon river area, found in Brazil, Brazilian call them “Fruit of god”, and they are listed as superfood, the Açaí Berry. The Brazil Soccer Team eats it, Açaí Berry is also one of the official breakfast ingredients provided in Olympic village in 2016 Brazil Olympic.

Açaí Berry may helps in*:

Maintain good health and minerals balance
Açaí berry contains high vitamin A, calcium, and contains zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium and other elements necessary for the body to produce energy.



2. Cancer Prevention
There is a consensus in the medical profession that "free radicals" are one of the main factors that cause cancer. To reduce the "free radicals" in the body, in addition to eating less fried or barbecue foods, eating more foods that can "clear free radicals" is very important. Most of the foods that can "clear free radicals" have antioxidant properties. Açaí berry is one of them. Açaí berry has high antioxidant activity, and the value of "free radical scavenging" (ORAC) is three times that of blueberry.


3. Anti colon cancer and kidney cancer

Several medical studies have found that in addition to preventing cancer, Açaí berry also has the ability to fight colorectal cancer and kidney cancer.


4. Reduce "bad cholesterol" LDL
A study in 2011 found that Açaí berry can effectively help obese people reduces "bad cholesterol" in the blood and promote cardiovascular health.


5. Improve brain function and memory
One way to keep your brain healthy is to clean up cells that are toxic or no longer effective. This process is called autophagy. It allows new nerves to form and strengthen communication between brain cells. But when the age rises, this autophagy ability will decline, and a study confirms that the Açaí berry can effectively maintain this body function.




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