Healing Potion From India

Healing Potion From India
<Healing Potion from India>
There is a long long history of Moringa Seed, its usage can trace back to 500AD (the 3 kingdoms era)! Moringa Seed is a multi-function healing potion.

It can*:
1. Control blood glucose
Blood glucose problems has become one of the most common health problems around the world, and the increasing prevalence is alarming. Moringa seeds provide an effective natural remedy that manages the production of insulin, the hormone responsible for turning glucose into energy. Moringa seeds are a convenient way to lower the sugar level in the blood. Consequentially, this protects a person from developing other long-term complications associated with diabetes like a cardiac and renal failure.

2. Regulate blood pressure and cholesterol
According to recent researches, Moringa seeds have the quality to improve heart contractions, allowing the heart to pump blood more efficiently. Moringa seeds act as a stimulant for the circulatory system and lower the strain of blood vessels. This not only reduces the pressure of the blood against the heart walls but also maintains it at a regular level. Besides, Moringa seeds contain 75% of Omega-9 fatty acid, which aids in the formation of a protective layer around the cardiac nerves. This protective layer helps cell membranes stay protected from free radicals, and reduces blood pressure as well.

3. Promote skin health
Omega-9 fatty acid and essential vitamins and minerals can be found in Moringa Seed. Moringa seed oil has an excellent ability to penetrate in the skin layers. Moringa seed oil nourishes skin layers by escalating the production of collagen-an essential structural protein for maintaining juvenile and supple skin. Collagen decreases as you age. Moringa seed oil, with its rich quantity of vitamin-A and C, enables you to keep your skin look radiant, younger, and firm. Adding two or three drops of Moringa seed oil in your moisturizer is a great way to decrease the wrinkles and fine lines on your aging skin.

4. Better sleep
Moringa seeds have been using as a sleep aids in India many South East Asia countries. They are known to reduce stress and relieve fatigue to help you sleep faster. Drinking solution of Moringa seeds and warm water before you go to bed improves sleep and leaves you feeling invigorated.

5. Improve digestion and treat constipation
The fiber in Moringa seeds absorb food water and prevent food particles from adhering to the wall of the digestive tract, consequentially helping digestion. It softens stool by aiding a healthy bowel movement, it cures and prevents weight gain, bloating, and constipation.
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