[Sweet No Guilt 4] Little Hulk

[Sweet No Guilt 4] Little Hulk


Health In Your Hand S2EP4
<Sweet No Guilt 4> - Little Hulk
Zero sugar Chocolate dipped Coconut Moringa English Cookies

Avengers 4 is coming to cinema! Why not prepare yourself with some little Hulks?

The aroma of coconut, freshness and healthiness of Moringa, with crisp and tasty chocolate, what a wonderful weekend afternoon!

Ingredients and preparations [12 serving]
[A] Amond Flour (2.5cup / 310g) sifted, Himalaya Rock Salt (1/8 tsp), Moringa Leaf Powder (2 Tbsp), Shredded coconut (2 Tbsp)

[B] Coconut oil (250ml / 228g) melted, Pure stevia powder (11.5g), water (15ml)

[C] Pure cocoa powder (50g) sifted, Coconut oil (90ml / 85g) melted, Pure stevia powder (15g), pinch of Himalaya Rock Salt

Steps [75min]

Mix A together.
In a separate medium size bowl, mix B together, except water.

Mix Stevia with coconut oil

Mix Stevia with coconut oil
Spoon by spoon, add A into B slowly and mix.
Add 15ml water and stir until a sticky dough is form.

Sticky dough

Sticky dough
Transfer dough onto a flat pan, cover with cling wrap, roll or press to 0.5cm thick, put into freezer for 10min.
Preheat oven to 350°F / 180°C.
Line baking paper (parchment) on cookie pans.

Square dough on pan

Take out dough from freezer, cut into squares, place squares onto cookie pans.

Square dough on pan
Bake for 12-14min.
Warm and mix C together. Pure stevia need some temperature to fully dissolve, set aside.
When finish bake, cool down the cookies for 10min, put in fridge for 10min.
Prepare a new cool cookie pan with baking paper.
Take out cookies from fridge, carefully pick up each cookie and dip into chocolate, and put onto pan.
Decorate cookies to become little Hulks with chocolate dipped chopstick or toothpick.

Decorate the little Hulks

Decorate the little Hulks
Put chocolate dipped cookies into fridge for 15-20min.

Cookies in fridge

Cookies in fridge
Transfer cookies into box or pan and store in room temperature up to 5 days.


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